About YodaNote

YodaNote is one note-taking software with cloud storage sync.YodaNote do not provide cloud storage by itselft,but save your notes to your own cloud storage(such as your Dropox/Box/WebDAV).YodaNote enable your save your whole notebook as snapshot, and also the historical version control of notes, and also provides a card-box mode browsing and editing, custom notes background anda custom node icons and styles, etc. rich features that allows you to save notes safer, make your notes more beautiful.

1 YodaNote is FREE

YodaNote is FREE,and will FREE for ever. Also we will go open source for some components of YodaNote. We do not provide Cloud Storage,but only provide services to store user’s note to your own Cloud Storage.YodaNote run in low costs, there is no pressure on profits, we are willing to continue to provide service for free. But we have plan to provide premium version in one year later,but the free version does not become charging version, and we guarante not to advertise.

2 YodaNote is cross-platform

YodaNote run on Windows, Linux,Mac OS and Android now.iOS and Windows Phone will come out soon or later.

3 YodaNote has several unique features

YodaNote do not mimic or replicate the same kind of simple notes software, YodaNote are in a new concept, completely self-developed software, YodaNote has several unique features:

  • Sync to you own Cloud Storage : Sync your notes to many cloud storage, let you never worry about data loss;
  • Snapshot and Historical Versions: so you can always go back through, you can also control notes version of history;
  • cardbox mode browsing and editing: Preview intuitive and convenient, and click the editing, easy fragmented information management;
  • Customlize notes Background: any color and any use as a background, make your notes more pleasing;
  • Customlize Node icon and style: a catalog and labels Set icons with text styles, let your directories and labels more beautiful elegant;
  • YodaNote is FREE: you have to worry about cloud storage capacity is not enough or monthly traffic limit, unlimited version history feature is also free;
  • support for UI theme: You can always adjust their style interface to create your own favorite interface;
  • Support for multi-level directory: multi-level categories, more convenient finishing your notes;
  • Support for batch operations: You can select multiple notes, batch move, add favorites and other operations;
  • Support notes template: You can quickly create a meeting using the module records, diaries and other forms of notes, and you can also make your own notes template;
  • Support tab: You can add the appropriate tags to notes, and cross-use classified directories;
  • Support for multi-level Tags: Tags are similar to directories, support for nested, you can automatically add multi-level tags to notes;
  • Support Browse by date: The system automatically organize your notes by date, can quickly view notes by date;
  • Cross-platform: Yoda notes currently supports three PC platforms (ie Windows, Linux and Mac OS) and Android platform;
  • Standardization: Yoda notes for the notes using standard HTML format, the most commonly used open source database Sqlite, a standard format so that users will not be locked;
  • Easy expansion: Yoda notes internal support plug-ins, cloud plate for more than 20 domestic and international support is provided through a plug-in;
  • Support script: Yoda notes internal support javascript scripting, script editor that comes with lets you use scripts to manage the entire notebook, or through catalogs and labels Script automatically corresponding management;

4 YodaNote can sync to you own Cloud Storage

YodaNote itself does not provide cloud storage, but supports domestic and international mainstream cloud storage storage and synchronization:
  • Baidu PCS
  • Kingsoft disk
  • Sina vdisk
  • Box
  • Dropbox
  • Yandex (WebDav mode)
  • 4shared (WebDav mode))
  • ADrive (WebDav mode)
  • CloudSafe (WebDav mode)
  • CloudMe (WebDav mode)
  • iCloud (WebDav mode)
  • DriveHQ (WebDav mode)
  • iDriveSync (WebDav mode)
  • Storegate (WebDav mode)
  • LiveDrive (WebDav mode)
  • Golden Frog (WebDav mode)
  • FileAnywhere (WebDav mode)
  • OVH.net (WebDav mode)

    The author of YodaNote is a programmer with ten years programming experience.We have our philosophy of note-taking software. We believe standardization,Open,Neutrality and Evolvable.We do not provide Cloud Storage,but only provide services to store user’s note to your own Cloud Storage.We promise that YodaNote will not shut down as Google Notebook or Catch Notes.

    YodaNote committed to creating an open, flexible, and easy-to-use note-taking software, and thus evolve into personal knowledge management tools and social learning platform, YodaNote with cross-platform, standardization and other characteristics and operational neutrality.

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