Card style browsing and editing

Yodanote using the popular design,card style design, fore note browsing and editing. Through the card of note, the user can view the notes convenient summary of content with colorful background image and background color , make notes even more dazzling and colorful .

Card style designed especially for mobile clients , each card in the form of notes to show the user does not see the contents of notes intuitive , unnecessary to open and edit the notes

Card style browsing and editing , Android version

In the PC client , the same card style design.

Card style browsing and editing , PC version

The advantages of Card style browsing and editing:

  • Intuitive and easy : through the card list, the user can intuitively navigate to a summary of the contents of the note
  • Dazzling and colorful : Through colorful background and the background color notes , notes, lists more pleasing
  • Edit-In-Place : through the card , the user can also edit notes directly in the note card position, eliminating the need to open the notes, and other steps to enter the edit mode
  • Focus on the content of Notes, not the title : the fragmentation of information, more attention to the content , the title is no longer necessary and difficult to summarize the contents

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