Snapshots & Version History

Cloud-based snapshot for NoteStore is the unique feature of all note-taking software, as far as I know. You can do the following notebook snapshot :

  • New Snapshot
  • Delete Snapshot
  • Switching selected snapshot
  • Switching to the latest
  • Download Snapshot

Comprehensive snapshot will backup your laptop , you can depending on the size of your cloud drive your notes to change the situation , any snapshot is created, it only takes a snapshot of your disk space is not occupied by the cloud of your hard drive. For example, you generate in A Day In A Month A snapshot , you're in N N N May Day , you can switch to the snapshot A Day In A Month A , then you can then switch to the latest .

Version History notes and notebooks snapshot feature is consistent, that is, you save a snapshot of N copies of such notes will have a maximum of (N +1) versions (N snapshots + current latest version ) and, of course , for new notes may be a version.

  • Note : only a snapshot view , switch to the snapshot Please do not modify notes and sync , otherwise it will cause the contents of your notes confusion . *

  • Note: The snapshot will only cloud on the disc version of a full backup, if you do not set the cloud drive, you can not use a snapshot , but before the new snapshot, the notebook has the best synchronized to the cloud drive. *

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