YodaNote's philosophy

Why YodaNote is diffrent, YodaNote has some unique philosophy:

  • Standardization

    YodaNote use the standard HTML as note's format, compressed using standard ZIP format, ensure that the user's notes strict portability and compatibility of data, regardless of whether the future YodaNote can also be used, the user's data is possible to use other software processing, you can use the browser to view. Yoda did not use many similar notes notes software formats, such as RTF, DOC or other proprietary format, that is, in order to ensure standardization of data formats to ensure that users are not locked by YodaNote, to ensure users the freedom to decide to use or not to use YodaNote.
  • Open

    YodaNote currently on the market at home and abroad have been integrated mainstream cloud storage service, the future will integrate more of the Internet services, Yoda does not provide its own notes of these services, it will not force users to use a home storage services. YodaNote believe the really good software is open, the really good software is interconnected between. Software integration with each other, the relationship among data, interoperability between services, is the software and services in the future. Currently, many software and Internet services, many in trying to create their own data silos, or trying to stop the opponent, or trying to lock the user migration,
    YodaNote is no open source now, but YodaNote adhere to the open concept, open source software may not be able to open enough, YodaNote there is no open source, open source users do not want to, but do not want to directly ism soon to copy, future YodaNote mature enough, will gradually open parts of the code.
  • Neutrality

    YodaNote is a small workshop notes currently does not bind any third party, and will not take refuge in a large firm, YodaNote have enough clout to maintain this neutrality operations in the form of notes YodaNote provide the core software services and integrate some other third-party service, allowing users to choose the service, but remain completely neutral. Not like some of the same software, integrated or bundled with existing or self-built storage services, YodaNote through such a neutral third-party service, ensure that the user's freedom.
  • Evolvable

    YodaNote goal is to create an open, flexible, easy to use software notes, and thus into personal knowledge management tools and social learning platform. Yoda is a simple current notes notes software, plug-ins and other future Yoda extended form of passing notes will gradually rich functionality will be with the development of technology and industry constantly evolving, and through plug-in that allows users to freely manage YodaNote component, similar to Eclipse, become a manageable and scalable architecture. Of course, YodaNote has not yet officially announced plug norms and SDK, this is because YodaNote are still tense in the development process, plug-in API is not yet stable and time to sort out.