Why YodaNote is safe and reliable

1.YodaNote can only survive 1-2 years as product of small workshops?

A: YodaNote is going to be available for at least ten years, and in fact, there would be no pressure that would impose menace to 100 years of continuous service at all..

People tend to trust more the products from big companies while balking at creations of smaller-scaled workshops, worried that they are unreliable. In fact, however, YodaNote would almost definitely be available for a much longer period of time than its competition bred by larger companies, which is basically determined by the unique characteristics of YodaNotes and our way of operation.

For starters, the storage of the notes is not offered by YodaNote, and instead, the cloud storage services from the major providers are utilized for this purpose. As a result, the operation cost of YodaNote is almost solely the cost of this official website, which in the current stage, is almost zero and even though our user base increases in the future and additional investment is required, the total expenditure would not be likely to add up to over 10 thousand RMB per year. And for even a workshop as small as ours, the financial burden would be altogether minimal, unlikely to form pressure on our usual operation.

Moreover, contrary to the common belief, products from bigger companies are actually less reliable. It would be no surprise for bigger companies to slash the services that are not their core products, because of their enormes operation cost, especially when the short- to mid-term profitablity of these services are not favorable. Remember Grand Cloud from Snda? And think Google Notebook and Google Reader. This is all natural, considering running a team as small as of 10 members only and 10 servers dedicated to this service would burn quite a number of millions a year. Without a considerable income, few, if any, companies would be willing to keep investing, if not wasting, money.

2.Is YodaNote FREE?Will YodaNote be a paid service someday?

A:Yes,YodaNote is FREE now,and will FREE for ever. All the features that are freely available as of now will remain free, and we also promise there will be no ads. The premium services are slated to premier next year, offering more advanced functionalities such as encryption of notes and etc.

Because of the reasons stated above, the operation cost of YodaNote is extremely low and there is not pressue of profit whatsoever. We are willing to keep our services free of charge for a couple years, as well as to go open source with part of the functionalities. And, of course, your donations or investment would always be appreciated, and please contact us.

3.How does YodaNote protect user data?

A: The notes data generated by users are stored in the storage of their own choice, so the users are in control of the safety of their own datas, both in the local discs or in their cloud storage. What's more, we are studying currently the addition of an advanced funtion of data encryption, which will further improve the safety of the data of the users.

On top of that, YodaNote has developed our own safety mechanism, which is the redundant backup between multiple cloud storage services, carried out through our multip cloud storage support. At the same time, it's made possible to have unlimited snapshots and history versions of user notebooks, providing further guarantee for the safety of user data.

4. How does YodaNote protect the data privacy of the users?

A: YodaNote does not store any of the users' note data, which are instead saved in the users' own cloud storages. So the data is not scanned, analyzed or accessed by third parties, maximzing the protection for the data privacy.

YodaNote does store the account credentials of the users using a high-strength irreversable encryption mechanism. YodaNote promises not to disclose to any third party any private informations including the user account credentials. At the same time, YodaNote acquires authorization to access to the user's cloud storage via standard OAuth protocal, which does not contain any part of the user's account credentials of their cloud storages and works exclusively for YodaNotes, elimnating any possibility of third party cracking. Further more, because of the nature of the OAuth protocol, this authorization is also valid only for a limited period of time, further strengthening the overall security.

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