Sync with Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage , also known as network disk , it can facilitate the sharing of data in multiple systems to facilitate the use of the network environment , and to avoid the loss of a local hard disk or other abnormal conditions cause the phone is lost your data is lost.

YodaNote currently supports a number of domestic and international mainstream cloud disk, but YodaNote only support cloud disk with open API , and follow-up will gradually increase through the plug-in currently supports the following Cloud Storage:

  • Baidu PCS ( recommended)
  • Kingsoft disk ( recommended)
  • Sina disc ( due to the limited speed , not recommended )
  • Dropbox ( may need over the wall , not recommended )
  • Box ( recommended to use WebDav way better )
  • WebDav ( applicable to yandex, 4shared, oxygencloud LAN self WebDav servers, etc.)

In addition to these well-known cloud disk, YodaNote via standard WebDav protocol also supports most NAS storage or self WebDav server.

YodaNote will be further expanded in the future to support the storage backend will support Git and more storage protocols .

YodaNote do not provide their own storage services, but the integration of existing storage services, but the content is stored in the storage service users themselves can control , YodaNote pay more attention to the management services provided notes .

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