YodaNote enable a reliable mail service, based on Amazon SES

In the beginning,YodaNote use mail service builted in BAE, to send messages at the start of most of the mailbox , but also to set up users (at) yodanote.com address as the sender. But soon found that e-mail sent to qq.com often failed to send , after tracing found QQ mailbox because the IP address for the external frequency limit , up to send a specific number of an IP , it also is not revealed as confidential . BAE is no way to reflect this issue , it seems quiet for some time. Later found aol.com mail often unable to go , sometimes found only when sending abnormal hair handmade look .

Then I think of using Amazon services , access to free 2,000 a day, and charges prices are moderate.

Actual use shows that the current asynchronous trigger mechanism works well, because even though EC2 IP or GFW shield away, or is expected to regularly check to ensure , so based on Amazon SES 's DKIM, and crossing the GFW, supplement BAE, a completely free and reliable Mail service can be used .

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