YodaNote's features

YodaNote is a feature-rich note-taking software,different from the others:

  • Sync to you own Cloud Storage : Sync your notes to many cloud storage, let you never worry about data loss;
  • Snapshot and Historical Versions: so you can always go back through, you can also control notes version of history;
  • cardbox mode browsing and editing: Preview intuitive and convenient, and click the editing, easy fragmented information management;
  • Edit-in-place,on Android or PC.
  • Real WYSIWYG editor,based on HTML5 and JavaScript,on Android or PC.
  • Easy to insert ASCII char,Emoticon and GIF image.
  • Customlize notes Background: any color and any use as a background, make your notes more pleasing;
  • Customlize Node icon and style: a catalog and labels Set icons with text styles, let your directories and labels more beautiful elegant;
  • YodaNote is FREE: you have to worry about cloud storage capacity is not enough or monthly traffic limit, unlimited version history feature is also free;
  • support for UI theme: You can always adjust their style interface to create your own favorite interface;
  • Support for multi-level directory: multi-level categories, more convenient finishing your notes;
  • Support for batch operations: You can select multiple notes, batch move, add favorites and other operations;
  • Support notes template: You can quickly create a meeting using the module records, diaries and other forms of notes, and you can also make your own notes template;
  • Support tab: You can add the appropriate tags to notes, and cross-use classified directories;
  • Support for multi-level Tags: Tags are similar to directories, support for nested, you can automatically add multi-level tags to notes;
  • Support Browse by date: The system automatically organize your notes by date, can quickly view notes by date;
  • Cross-platform: Yoda notes currently supports three PC platforms (ie Windows, Linux and Mac OS) and Android platform;
  • Standardization: Yoda notes for the notes using standard HTML format, the most commonly used open source database Sqlite, a standard format so that users will not be locked;
  • Easy expansion: Yoda notes internal support plug-ins, cloud plate for more than 20 domestic and international support is provided through a plug-in;
  • Support script: Yoda notes internal support javascript scripting, script editor that comes with lets you use scripts to manage the entire notebook, or through catalogs and labels Script automatically corresponding management;

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